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Product Details
eyepiece Standard configuration Auxiliary objective lens 0.5X Auxiliary objective lens 1.5X Auxiliary objective 2X
Working distance 100mm Working distance 165mm Working distance 45mm Working distance 30mm
Magnification Field of view Magnification Field of view Magnification Field of view Magnification Field of view
10X/20mm 7X 28.6mm 3.5X 57.1mm 10.5X 19mm 14X 14.3mm
45X 4.4mm 22.5X 8.9mm 67.5X 3mm 90X 2.2mm
15X/15mm 10.5X 21.1mm 5.25X 42.8mm 15.75X 14.3mm 21X 10.7mm
67.5X 3.3mm 33.75X 6.7mm 101.25X 2.2mm 135X 1.7mm
20X/10mm 14X 14.3mm 7X 28.6mm 21X 9.5mm 28X 7.1mm
90X 2.2mm 45X 4.4mm 135X 1.5mm 180X 1.1mm
25X/9mm 17.5X 12.9mm 8.85X 25.4mm 26.2X 8.6mm 35X 6.4mm
112.5X 2.0mm 56.3X 4.0mm 168.8X 1.3mm 225X 1.0mm
30X/8mm 21X 11.4mm 10.5X 22.9mm 31.5X 7.6mm 42X 5.7mm
135X 1.8mm 67.5X 3.6mm 202.5X 1.2mm 270X 0.9mm
Magnification Standard configuration: 7X-45X, optional eyepiece and auxiliary objective lens can be expanded to 3.5X-270X, continuous zoom
eyepiece Standard configuration: 10X/20mm, large field of view, wide angle, high eye point, to provide convenience for observers wearing glasses
Optional eyepiece 10X/20mm, 15X/15mm, 20X/10mm, 25X/9mm, 30X/8mm
Observation head 45° tilt, 360° rotation, interpupillary distance 54-76mm; bilateral diopter adjustment (±5)
Seidentopf binocular
Objective lens 0.7X-4.5X continuous zoom, objective lens zoom ratio 6.4:1 to ensure parfocality of the image plane
Auxiliary objective Optional 0.3X, 0.5X, 0.7X, 0.75X, 1.5X, 2X
Focusing bracket Adjustable elasticity of hand wheel of vertical arm focusing bracket, lifting range 106mm
Base J6L column type small flat base , optional other bases
illumination 2W upper and lower 6W single LED lighting,light color adjustable

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